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Central Peru
Archeology and birding: Nazca lines and Paracas 3 days
A short excellent trip over 3 days for anyone wanting to experience the Nazca lines combining culture and nature. It can easily be added as a post Cusco trip with flights that arrive in Lima before 2 pm.
BIG MONTH BIRDING PERU with Gunnar Engblom and special guests.
Get +1000 species in one month in Peru.
Big Month part 7: Birding Central Peru
Part 7 of Peru Big Month. Birding Central Peru: Star birds include Golden-backed Mountain-Tanager, Cloud-Forest Screech-Owl and Black-spectacled Brush-Finch, Diademed Sandpiper-Plover and White-bellied Cinclodes. Visiting Satipo road, Oxapampa, Junin Lake, Unchog, Marcapomacocha and Santa Eulalia at a demanding pace.
Butterfly watching Satipo
Butterfly watching near Satipo at famous collecting sites.
Carpish and Colibri Cloudforest on Satipo Road, 8-days
Bloggers, Facebook users and non-bloggers come together to raise money for the benefit of the local communities on Satipo road and Carpish.birding for Less - 8 days.
Carpish and Junin Lake 8 days.
Golden-backed Mountain-Tanager at Bosque Unchog and all the other Carpish endemics, Paty trail, the oilbird cave in Tingo Maria and Junin Grebe at wonderful Lake Junin. A great (and very affordable) trip
Carpish, Unchog and Junin Lake 5 days.
A short 5 day trip which aims to see Golden-backed Mountain-Tanager at Bosque Unchog and the other Carpish endemics, Paty trail, and Junin Grebe and Junin Rail at Lake Junin. On the way back to Lima we stop for White-bellied Cinclodes and Diademed Sandpiper-Plover.
Junin Grebe twitch
If you want to get the Junin Grebe but have little time and worry about altitude sickness, a fast way to do it is to start at midnight in Lima and go to Junin, see the Grebe and the Rail and then come back down to Lima again.
Lima days: Junin Grebe twitch 2 days
Main target: Junin Grebe and birds often missed in the Santa Eulalia Canyon.
Paracas two days with Pelagic
Since Pelagics in Lima have been suspended, we have created a new tour that includes the Paracas pelagic, which replaces the one in Lima. It also allows observations of many other birds including difficult birds such a Peruvian Tern, and newly split full species Rufescent Flycatcher and Tschudi's Nightjar.
Photo-Video Safari: Macaw-lick and Red Uakari 8 days.
Close to Contamana, one of the most beautiful villages in the Amazon, there is clay/mineral lick of sulfurous waters, known as collpa, where hundreds of Red-and-Green Macaws visit. Close by are the hills of Sierras del Divisor Reserved Zone, where troops of monkeys such as the rare Red Uakari can be found. This is one of the few places where this species is protected and is in relative abundance. At the top of these hills the newly described Acre Antshrike possibly occcurs. A photography expedition to the rain forests of central Peru to photograph Macaws and Red Uakari.
Satipo Road and Carpish (17 days)
17 days. Endemic dense and extremely birdy. more than 500 species when combined with Lima excursions.
Satipo Road and Colibri Cloud Forest - Short 5 Day Tour
Promoting the recent community project at Satipo road we introduce this short trip that contains both excellent cloud forest birding and the endemic specialties which can not be seen on a short Carpish/Unchog trip.
Satipo road birding workshop
Un tour para apoyar las iniciativas de conservación de RainForest Partnership, Kolibri Expeditions y las comunidades de Apaya-Calabaza y San Antonio.
Satipo road special
The extended version of the Satipo road trip.
Self-guided birding in Peru
Rent our vehicle with an experienced birder/driver for two weeks or more and set off on a road trip with wonderful safe birding in Peru for a fraction of the Normal tour price.

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