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It is always a difficult task to select an operator for your birdwatching holiday. Kolibri Expeditions grew up from arranging birding trips in the most remote areas in Peru. We were birding in Peru in areas where nobody went. In these places there was a constant lack of commodities and the lodging was at the most basic. It is natural that the there has been once in a while people that were not really up to these conditions, and therefore some people could tell you that Kolibri Expeditions are not worthy of your consideration. We want everyone to seriously consider our services, and we will prove anybody who recommends against us wrong, as we have done time and time again.... see the comments below.

You will first have to decide what kind of birding holiday you want. If you want all comfort and everything “on rail” and hassle-free, then you should have a look at our Marvelous Spatuletail Tours program.
If you don’t mind roughing it, camping a few days, and to do most it takes to get your target species then the Kolibri Expedition programs are what you need.
If you are somewhere in between, and your budget does not allow the MST program, contact us, tell us what you need and what you expect and we will advise you. You can for instance, make a couple of hotel downgrades on your MST program, or a couple of hotel upgrades on your Kolibri program to suit your needs.
If you consider us, you know that we are experts in handling the toughest situations and the most demanding clients. A client can be demanding for comfort or demanding for the species he/she wants to see, and sometimes even both. No matter what we can handle it. 
Below are some of the many good comments about us. We hope to add your name to this list after your trip.
Positive comments from previous clients:
Hi Gunnar,
Fi and myself wanted to thank you once again for organising a fantastic birding trip. We decided on merging the Carpish, Unchog and Junin lake trip with the Satipo Road to create a 10 day central Peru birding odyssey. Both the driver Manuel Zamora and bird guide Carlos Altamirano were outstanding and the famous Kolibri field meals were excellent. Seeing 4 un-described species along with great views of the golden backed mountain tanager and junin grebe, and many other endemics, made the central Peru option a worthwhile choice, which we will never forget. All the best with your future endeavours, Bradford Decker and Fiorella Williams

Hej Gunnar
Vill bara nämna, att vi var mycket nöjda med båda Manuel och bilen.
Manuel är en duktig chaufför (och alltid försiktig, tar inga chanser) - och också en jättetrevlig person.
Och ja, han känner till fågellokalen och lager utomordentlig fältfrukost.
Tack för denna gång.
Ulrik Andersen - Driver and Vehicle DIY.


Hi Gunnar,

Again thanks for well-arranged fantastic birding vacation.

We will for sure be back at some point as there are north Peru and maybe Bolivia as blind spots on our birding map.

The Amigos was indeed a nice place. Excellent guide knowing every bird around that lodge.

The photographic opportunities where a bit hampered by the jungle but this we already know. We saw the ottors in the oxbow lake. A good amount of antpitas, manakins and lots of other good stuff.

Nice lodge and good food.

Chuncho was an experience as well. There canopy tower was a bit shaky but when You got up there a nice view. Parrot Lick was good but quite a number of people visiting. No extensive amount of species, Scarlet, Blue and Yellor, Red and Green, Blue headed and chestnutfronted Macows. Yellow crowned, Blue headed,  Orange cheeked and Mealy Parrots.

The greatest moment there was when we slowly moved along the track and suddenly we interrupted a giant anteater that slowly continued his path through the forrest. Great creature. To close for my lens however.

I just started to process all photos.

Have great birding and take care

Martina Levin & Peter Eriksson


Hi Gunnar,

I too would like to thank you for your expertise in guiding us around Limas bird hotspots. I agree that we saw far more birds than I would have expected in the short window of time we had. It's an understatement how happy we were, that within a short drive, thanks also in great part to your expert skill in navigating the crowded streets of Lima, we got some images of the Inca Tern. It was a treat to also see and photograph the Peruvian Pelican, and as Bill mentioned you got us on some different Peruvian bird species too. Thank you so much. I agree that if we find ourselves in Lima again, certainly we'll get in touch, and make sure we have plenty of extra time. Still editing images.

Geoffrey Montagu, NJ, US. Bird Photography in Lima, 2015
Web Page: http://500px.com/geoffreymontagu

 TUESDAY, JUNE 30, 2015

Hi Gunnar.

I just wanted to thank you for your expert guidance around the Lima hotspots a few weeks ago. Our brief jaunt far exceeded my expectations of what we could accomplish in just a few free hours. With your help I was pleased to get some shots of the iconic Inca Tern despite less than ideal conditions, and you managed to get us on some other Peruvian specialties as well. I counted 16 life birds around Lima (there were probably more), and 87 altogether including the Amazon segment. Just think what we might have gotten had we been able to spend a few days with you. Here's a link to the images that I've been able to put together so far, culled from thousands of frames. The first 10 are from our few hours with you in Lima; the balance are from our Amazon cruise with International Expeditions. The Lima ones are the best.


Thank you again. If we ever find ourselves in Lima again, we'll get in touch, and will make sure to plan for some additional time.

Bill Dix, NJ, US. Bird Photography in Lima, Jun 2015

I had a great time today. Saw 55 species - and maybe a few more. 
Highlights included the White Capped dipper, Peruvian Pygmy Owl - fantastic looks, Andean Condor, great inca finch, five species of hummingbird, and a bunch of other stuff.
Alejandro and the driver were great!
Thanks for everything.
Bill Hohenstein, DC, US. Santa Eulalia Canyon, Dec 2014

The trip was great.  All three of the guides--Jean-Paul, Saturnino, and Alejandro--were excellent.  They did a great job finding birds and dealing with logistics so that everything went as smoothly as possible.  It would have been nice to have an extra day on the Machu Picchu-Abra Malaga trip so that I could have gone to Abra Malaga in the morning--we were caught in an afternoon thunderstorm up at the top of the polylepis forest!  The pelagic was great and I was glad to get the opportunity to go down to Pantanos de Villa as well.  
Thank you for your help in arranging everything.  It was a great experience and I hope that I can get back down there again!  
Marianne Batchelder  Abra Malaga, Pelagica and Pantanos de Villa, November 2011

We got to see tons of birds and at a very good price, as well as experience a part of Peru that many people don't see. Again, thanks for setting up the trip and you will definitely see me on another Kolibri birding trip; Northern Peru and Ecuador sound awesome. Hopefully soon.
Josh Shramo. Colorado, US. Manu Community lodges May, 2010.

We wanted to thank you for your support in getting prepared for our trip, finding a hotel and getting flights arranged on our trip.  It was a life changing experience for Maia and I...Peru and it's people are just wonderful...
I also wanted to praise your staff:
  • Alex was incredible...he was patient, indefatigable and an incredible birder
  • Henri was frankly the best driver we could have hoped for...especially on some of the very difficult roads we had to navigate...at no time did we ever feel unsafe.  He was very professional and we counted on him a great deal.
Chris Paddock, Pennsylvania

 SUNDAY, MARCH 21, 2010
One of the earlier posts praised Kolibri Expeditions, run in Peru by Gunnar Engblom. I share the positive sentiments shared by the previous poster. I had two days for birding out of Lima at the end of a four week trip to Peru. The first day I went on a one day birding excursion to Lomas de Lachay and El Paraiso Lagoon with Alejandro, one of Gunnar's guides. I will mention that I paid a premium price for the day, as there were no other birders on the tour, but I felt I received good value for my money. Both Juan (the driver) and  Alejandro were friendly and personable. I will add here that I speak Spanish, which allowed me to speak with both the driver and the guide, although Alejandro spoke English as well. Alejandro was excellent with the birds, for example he worked very hard to make sure I saw Cactus Canastero, which species was being very uncooperative. It was a pleasure to bird with him. 
The following day I went out of Callao on a pelagic trip. As a pelagic guide myself, I have high expectations for this kind of trip. I was not disappointed. It was July, winter in the southern hemisphere, but the birding was still excellent. A few of the memorable lifers for me were Humboldt Penguin, Ringed (Hornby's) Storm-Petrel, Swallow-tailed Gull and Peruvian Diving-Petrel. Gunnar knows his birds and although the ocean was a little rough, it was a super day. 
I not only highly recommend Kolibri Expeditions to anyone heading to Peru, I look forward to going out with them again myself. 
On listserver: Birding Guide Review
Tim Shelmerdean

We really enjoyed our day with Alejandro and Julio. The birding was excellant and I appreciated Alejandro's efforts to make sure we had actually seen each bird we claimed. Not only is he a talented birder but a patient teacher as well and a very nice person too. Out of the two inches of annual rain that Lima  experiences we did get to enjoy about a quarter inch. You know it never rains in Lima! The two hour traffic gridlock was a bit of a disappointment but Julio went above and beyond to try to get through it. Overall, it was a good day and I even was able to bring home a copy of Alejandro's book.
Diane and Phil Power


Hi Gunnar. Just wanted to let you know that Carole and I had a great day with Alejandro at Pantanos de Villa and Olivar Park on Jan 22nd. Alejandro was an excellent guide and very friendly, professional. Pick-up and drop-off went smoothly. And Jorge also was helpful in arranging logistics.

We had around 60 species for the day, with 22 lifers. Thanks very much to you and Alejandro and the driver for a great day!
Mark Freeman and Carole Ludwig
Watkinsville, GA   USA

Dear Gunnar,
I wanted to thank you again for all of you help and extra effort on our behalf in getting the trip to Santa Eulalia together at the end of last month.  We had a fantastic time and really enjoyed the area.
Mark Lockwood
Secretary, Texas Bird Records Committee

 FRIDAY, JULY 3, 2009

Still working on getting my notes and photos together.  Still can't stop grinning from ear to ear and telling everyone that I can round up to listen about the trip.  I have given out your website several times already - once in the airport on the way home.

Archeology and Birding - Marvelous Spatuletail and Machu Picchu.

Laura Graham, Wisconsin.

 MONDAY, APRIL 6, 2009

Posted on BirdForum

Just returned from a great trip to Peru. Didn't do the east slope (with megadiversity) but did do Amazonas at Los Amigos biological station, Abra Malaga, Tumbes, Chaparri Lodge, Santa Eulalia, Cusco to Machu Picchu and Agua Calientes.

540+ species including 34 +/- antbirds. Had Point-tailed Palmcreeper at Los Amigos, fleeting look at Royal Cinclodes (will not count in my book but glad they are still at Abra Malaga (also had an adult Andean Condor there too).

Despite rumors of their demise we had 20+ Humboldt Penguins at Pucusana just an hour south of Lima as well as Seaside Cinclodes, Peruvian Thick-knee, and Slender-billed Finch at Canaette.

Kolibri was an excellent company with great guides in each location that really knew their birds and the best places to find them.

Brian Allen

thank you for a great trip. It went beyond my expectations. Hit list was almost wiped clean.
Juan Jose was fine for my purpose. He knows the specialeties and where to find them.....his enthusiasm is hard to rival. He found me some great birds and I have no complaints whatsoever and would gladly use him again.
I will be calling you again when I decide to do the South. Maybe in november and rain is ok i'm English.. Thanks again Dave.
PS: Your driver also did a great job.


Bonjour Gunnar,

Nous vous adressons ce petit mot pour vous remercier des excellents services que votre entreprise nous a offerts lors de notre virée au Pérou du 8 au 11 septembre. Nous avons grandement apprécié le professionnalisme et la compétence de vos guides Fabrice et Julio. Tout a été parfait : le transport, la nourriture, l’assiduité et, par surcroît, la gentillesse de ces deux personnes. Julio possède une grande maîtrise de la conduite automobile qui nous a impressionné, nous nous sommes toujours sentis en toute sécurité. Quant à Fabrice, autant ses connaissances spécifiques en ornithologie que celles plus générales sur l’Amérique du Sud ont été d’un grand intérêt et ont suscité des échanges des plus instructifs.

Ces deux personnes sont un apport important au succès de votre entreprise.

Lors d’un prochain voyage en Amazonie, nous solliciterons à nouveau vos services.
Nous n’hésiterons pas à référer votre entreprise à nos amis ornithologues ainsi qu’à d’autres personnes qui projetteraient de se rendre au Pérou.

Nos salutations.
Francine Lachance et Pierre Otis
Québec (Canada)


Hej "Guran"
Vill bara passa paa att tacka för senast (Uffe karlssons expedition okt-nov 05)
En mycket givande o välorganiserad tripp!

Ola Joernstedt
PS Utmärkt att du verkar för naturvården i sydamerika!

Excellent newsletter.Thanks for sending it to me.
Very best wishes,

Dave Odell

Hi Gunnar,
Well I am back home now and settled back into the routine. I am still enjoying the afterglow of my trip to Peru, all the great birds, sights, and experiences it was really a great trip. according to my list the group composite was 489, and i sure I am missing some of the birds seen by others on the days the group split my totals seen and heard for the Satipo Rd, the Marshes before the bus trip, the pelagic trip, and Lomas de Lachay is 455 species totally more than expected. I am still sorting to find out how many were new but over 50% i believe. Hummingbirds 34 species Tanagers (tanagres, Euphonias, Honeycreepers, etc.) 57 species so not to bad a trip list.

Overall the trip was excellant. It moved at a rapid pace, and I would have enjoyed more "birding" time in some areas. I realize the need to have a schedule, and the area covered in the time we had made for some longish, and fast paced travel.

I loved the camping and food and other members of the team. Please say hi to Fabrice, Julio, Richard Etc.
You are a good birder and the information you are gathering on Peru's birds is great, but you may need to keep in mind that the members of the group are here to see birds, ..........all the birds,and with a satifactory look if possible, Rare or unusual birds are great but any new bird I have not seen before is something special to me. I may not ever get to see one again or be in Peru again. So a balance needs to be found in looking for rare/new/or out of range birds with the "common and easy" birds. I know we pick up alot along the way as we run into these more common species enroute but sometimes we do not so a quick look is not hurtful to the schedule if possible to stop.

I will be back for more Kolibri trips and have told all my friends about the Satipo Rd and its birds and scenerey.

Let me know when you are ready to start your lodges or need investors or marketing in N.America. I can send down hummingbird feeders when you need them.

Hope all is well with you in Lima,

I loved the Hotel Senorial, and the Hostel de Artes. would have liked to stay at both longer. loved shopping at the shop on the beach, mall area. very nice great food and wine for dinner twice!!
Naturetrek Satipo road November 2005

Don Kienholz


Hi Gunnar:
Just into editing my DVD of the trip and realizing how super it was. Many thanks for helping us see so many birds (over 700) and for many other wonderful experiences. I’ll send a copy of the movie when it is finished.
Manu Road September 2005

Jack Hanna

Hi Gunnar

I would like to thank you on behalf of the group for the great time we had in Peru on our recent visit. Please pass on our thanks to all the members of your team. To yourself, Juan Jose, Alex, Roger, Fabrice, the day 1 guide, Julio, the boat crew, the staff at the lodges, Jorge and probably others that I have forgotten or who I never met thank you for a great birding adventure.

I appeciate you finding us Fabice for the final three days, .....

The group total was just over 700 species and personally about half were life birds. I'll send you a copy of our trip report when it is completed.
Manu road September 2005

Bob Stamp

Hola Gunnar, todo ha salido muy bien....hemos disfrutado un monton. Vimos las colpas perfectamente y el Formicarius rufifrons.
Antonio Coral es un grandisimo profesional. Espero verte pronto. Un fuerte abrazo
Tambopata August 2005

Pablo Xandri Royo

Hi Gunnar,

Back in Toronto. Just wanted to thank you for all your hard work on the trip. Had a great time...and am already hoping to return sometime soon! Will be in touch soon with a trip report.
Expedition Birding in Central Peru March 18-28, 2005

David Beadle

 TUESDAY, MARCH 15, 2005
Very pleased......More than we expected....!!!
Central Peru - March 2005

Diederik Kok,

 TUESDAY, JUNE 8, 2004
Was a great trip, so thanks for the leading of it and the organising - please pass on our very grateful thanks to Renzo, who was a total star - I dont think "Thanks very much" as we left him on the boat translated as to how much we appreciated his workload on our behalf.

Our reckoning currently gives us 204 species +/-, not including the albatross, and of those, around 81 life birds, more than we anticpated and mute testimony to a marvellous trip. Thanks again, hope all goes well with the two sets of three that are still hard at it out there somewhere!

Steve and Marion Barlow

Hi Gunnar and staff,
We thoroughly enjoyed our Machu Picchu visit and day trips from Lima with your organization. Although we had recently visited nearby Ecuador, we were surprised that we saw 217 total species in 6 days of which 160 were life birds for us. In fact the Peruvian Thick-knee was our 1000th life bird. We enjoyed your balance of rugged birding outings and comfortable accommodations. Hope we can join you on a future tour.

Dave and Vicki Menzies
Santa Barbara, California

Hello Gunnar

Remember me from Dale Herter´s group? I´d like to thank you again for an excellent trip- not sure if anyone told you but the group had over 600 species total- I had about 578 with 474 new.

Alan J. Knue
Seattle, Washington

Hi Gunnar,
To begin, thanks very much for organising a great pelagic trip and two very enjoyable days birding around Lima. Your guides were very nice people indeed and I would like you to thank them for me.
Bob Flood,
Scilly, UK

I do remember with great pleasure a trip made with yourselves last year to the Santa Eulalia Valley; and I am looking forward to going out on other such days soon.

Rosemary Underhay
Lima, Peru

......I enjoyed the trip and your leadership. The birds, people, food, scenery and accommodataions were all wonderful. I still see the Sword-billed Hummer in my dreams.

Jerry Theis
Phoenix, Arizona

 THURSDAY, MAY 2, 2002
Many thanks again for a memorable trip.

Gill and John Scholey

 MONDAY, APRIL 8, 2002
I did have an excellect trip to San Pedro de Castas with Alejandro and the driver.............

I enjoyed the trip,Alejandro and the driver were very helpful.I did have success with the Aplomado Falcon.I have some great shots of this beautiful and rather tame bird. ...............

I dont have any definate dates for my next return trip to Peru,but I will be there within one year. I will be returning to photograph more of the cotinga family. I will recommend your services to my friends in the future. ............

Steve Ferris

Dear Gunnar,

Your lecture at Linnaean was a great success. I heard several people comment along the lines that it was the best program in years, which it surely was. I hope that you and your wife had a pleasant journey around the US.

Unfortunately, flu was going around when you were in New York and quite a few regulars were absent, including most of those who have been to Peru or who probably would be interested in going to Peru. (A friend in the midwest said that he was thinking about a Peru trip later this year, so I directed him to your website.)

The BirdingPeru Yahoo group is proving to be a valuable resource. Some of the regular contributors posted much less frequntly to Neoorn-l.


John Wall
Wordtwitch. New York

Hjertelig takk for at du møtte oss på flyplassen og kjørte oss dit igjen ved avreisen. Det var spesielt hyggelig å hilse på din sjarmerende frue, og vi forstår nå hva som var drivkraften på din lange nattlige vandring! Hils henne så mye fra oss.

Vi har vel ennå ikke helt oppfattet hva vi opplevde i Peru; det tar tid å fordøye så mange hendelser. Vi trenger å se grundig både på video og fotos, som ennå ikke er ferdige. Men minnene om slit, varme og mygg begynner å endre seg, for etterhvert å overskygges av hyggeligere ting, spesielt vår kontakt med folk underveis.

Vennligst hils Alejandro fra oss, vi satte stor pris på å ha ham som leder.
Petter and Astrid Kornberg

I had a very enjoyable trip and saw some great birds (Great Inca-Finch, Rufous-breasted W-F, White-cheeked Cotinga, Stripe-headed Antpitta, DSP, Black-br Hillstar, Bronze-tailed Comet etc).

Phillip Rostron

Personally, I saw close to 300 life birds (I was expecting only 200 or so, since I´ve been to Ecuador twice). In total, I´m fairly confident that the group saw well over 500 and possibly over 600 total species (including birds heard).
Just a few of the trip highlights:
- numerous albatrosses (4 species for me) on the July 14 pelagic
- Humboldt Penguin (two of them) on July 13
- Andean Condor flying relatively close overhead at Marcapomacocha on August 3
- Undulated Tinamou (my first identified SEEN tinamou)
- Diademed Sandpiper-Plover & White-bellied Cinclodes on August 3
- numerous macaws (4 species for me; others seen but not conclusively id´d by me)
- Great Potoo at Amazonia Lodge on July 25 (my first potoo)
- hummers (I could go on and on, but you know what I mean)
- barbets (4 species of one of my favorite groups)
- Cream-colored Woodpecker (to compensate, ahem, for my dip on Rufous-headed Woodpecker)
- antbirds, antwrens, antpittas, and ... ants (although the ant that stung me along the Mirador Trail Death March at Pantiacolla Lodge on July 22 qualifies as a lowlight)
- Masked Fruiteater (male and female) at Aguas Calientes on August 1
- Inca Wren (stunning!) at close range in the ruins of Machu Picchu on August 1
- manakins (6 species) - a lot of work but worth it
- tyrant flycatchers (incredible numbers and diversity)
- Black-capped Donacobius at Amazonia Lodge on July 24 (yeah, it´s common, but I´ve always wanted to see one)
- Hoatzin (same place as Donacobius) - great views of a truly weird bird
- Buckley´s Forest-Falcon (in the scope!) at Pantiacolla Lodge on July 20
- Gray-bellied Goshawk (immature in the scope!) at Pantiacolla Lodge on July 21
- pair of Solitary Eagles gliding past us near Cock-of-the-Rock Lodge on July 17

Eric Shaw
Talahassee, Fl

As for the Cushabitay trip, it was excellent, including all the adventure. It was truly an experience we will never forget and we thank you for the opportunity. Alejandro was very helpful and we enjoyed his company. Thanks for all .

Tom and Casey Rodhouse

 FRIDAY, JUNE 1, 2001
Last July I did a spectacular 3-week trip to central and northern Peru with Gunnar Engblom / Kolibri Expeditions; Gunnar himself guided the Carpish mountain trip. We saw most of the target birds - Whitebellied Cinclodes, Diademed Sandpiper Plover, Goldenbacked Mountain-Tanager, Pardusco and later Orangebreasted Tanager, Whitewinged Guan, etc. Gunnar cared and worried about his clients and all arrangements with local guides worked out perfectly. Yet there was nothing routine about this trip. Gunnar is untiring, enthusiastic and committed to conservation of Andean birds - an entertaining travel companion simply because he knows so much local stuff.

But aside from making sure we saw the birds - just getting around without getting lost, on roads which would kill your SUV, would have been utterly impossible without him and his resourceful team.

I haven´t read the criticism in question. I don´t think I ever got a better deal. Mostly I wondered how Gunnar could break even. The dishonesty charge is ridiculous.

Trips have their ups and downs. The mountain areas are often remote, often cold at night, rainy; you can´t expect a hot shower every day. Cars can break down. If you can put up with occasional discomfort you will have a great trip.

Fritz Mueller
New York City, US

I enjoyed birding with you .........Congratulations on re-finding the Tinamou. What a spectacular find! I saw the message on BirdChat. I also saw the message about the October one-day record event. It sounds very exciting.

Scott Finnet
Herndon, VA

Thank you very much for our brief but pleasant and productive trip to Pantanos de Villa last Wednesday, and for the detailed trip list. We enjoyed the afternoon, and we appreciated your skill in finding and pointing out so many good birds. The next time we are in Lima we will definitely reserve more time for birding with you. Best of luck in your attempt to break the 400 mark in your Big Day.

David F. Smith.
North Carolina, USA

Dear Gunnar,
First, I would like to say that the trip to Marcapomacocha last September was fabulous. It would have been wonderful even if not a single bird had been seen. That´s how spectacular the paisaje seemed to me. But the birds were in fact plantiful. ... So I do thank you for having arranged a wonderful birding and traveling experience.

Shane Hunt

Gunnar...you are a very hard worker. You really get out there and beat the bushes and are always trying to get the birds. Your enthusiasm is real and it is a pleasure to watch your enjoyment of the task at hand. I think that there are times when you forget that what you are doing is a job. That´s very good. Also, you are a very pleasant and likable person. That´s good, too.

David Narins

Thanks also for your services on our recent trip. A fanastic trip. Peru is a wonderful country and great birding area. Little traffic and easy to bird compared to such places as Henri Pittier in Venezuela. Hope I will be able to return to both bird and see more of the Inca sites.

David Lange
Boston, Massachussets


Hi Gunnar,
what a spectacular trip it was! Thank you. Especially after being back in Manhattan it seems unreal. - ...the last day with Goyo (to Lomas de Lachay) was worth it, the least seedsnipe and the dotterel. ...........What sticks most to me though is B.Unchog.

Fritz Müller
New York City.

Dear Gunnar,
I got back to my house late on the 23rd. I was exhausted! It was a long day of travel and a long trip in Peru with over 24 days of birding. One of the highlites of my time in Peru was the 3 day trip that I took with you and Simon. I saw over 50 life birds in those days; some of them were endemics or otherwise rare(the Shrike-Tyrants; White-cheeked Cotinga; etc.) but all of them were interesting. I particularly remember watching 2 Giant Coot building a nest and the graceful flight of Condors. The scenary was also beautiful.....
......Finally, I want to thank you for arranging this trip for me. It worked out great in many ways. Fortunately I did adapt to the altitude while I was in the Cusco area and was able to sleep quite well on the nights prior to meeting you in Lima. As a result I had the energy to really enjoy your 3 day tour.

Good birding,
Peter Coburn

La excursión salió muy bien y yo quedé contentísimo

Josep del Hoyo. Barcelona. Spain
Editor of Handbook of the Birds of the World

 THURSDAY, MAY 20, 1999
Here the promised short note with the results: 419 species (at least) of wich 249 were lifers and 46 were endemics. Not too bad huh?

Pierre van der Wielen - after the Kalinowski Tinamou rediscovery and Central Peru recce.

 THURSDAY, MAY 20, 1999

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