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Puno-Arica (Chile)-Arequipa. Pelagics in the South

Titicaca Grebe, Puna Rhea, Chilean Woodstar and 2 Pelagics!
We will travel from Puno town to Tacna to sample puna specialties such as Puna Rhea, Titicaca Grebe, Golden-spotted Ground-Dove, Puna Canastero, Puna Miner, Puna Yellow-Finch, Ornate Tinamou, Darwin's Nothura and several others. From Tacna it is only a stone-through away to Arica to get the rare and localized Chilean Woodstar. Arica is great for Pelagics so we would not miss out on the opportunity to do one here. On the way back to Peru and Arequipa we will visit the wetland at Mejia, do a short pelagic also from Mollendo (where the continental shelf is very close to shore) and do a trip up to Chiguata where some localized species such as White-throated Earthcreeper and Tamarugo conebill can be found. These five days are best combined as an extension of our exciting Puno departement trip.

No Departures for this Tour

If the departure dates don't fit you, please suggest another date.
Puna-Arica-Arequipa extension. 5 days.
Day 1. Puno-Arica.
We will spend a full day in Puno department looking for Puna Rhea and other Puna species such as Puna, Andean and Chilean Flamingos, Puna Canastero, Puna Miner, Puna Yellow-Finch and then drive down to Tacna. In the late evening we will cross the Peru & Chile boarder to Arica.
Day 2.  Arica.
AM. Arica Pelagic. Rest of day searching for Chilean Woodstar in Azapa valley. In the evening return to Tacna
Day 3.  Mejia lagoons. 
Drive to Mejia lagoons and birding here.
Red-fronted Coot is only found here in all Peru, also good wetlands with many migrants.
Day 4. Mollendo Pelagic. Drive to Arequipa.
We will look out for Raimondi´s Yellow-finch and Grayish Miner en route
Day 5. Chiguata and Salinas. Full day above Arequipa for Tamarugo Conebill, Dark-winged Canastero, White-throated Earthcreeper and others.  In late PM flight back to Lima.


Price: US$ 1375 (Minimum 5 people).
Less than 5 people: (see pricing)


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