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Birdwatching tours that include Machu Picchu.
Various birdwatching tours to the Amazon rain forest in South East Peru.
Land of Marvelous Spatuletail.
Birdwatching in Carpish, Unchog and Satipo road. Good price as no internal flights are involved.
This nine-day tour is a pelagic birderís dream trip to California! We will focus on pelagics, endemics, near-endemics and specialties along the beautiful coast of southern and central California.
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Marvelous Spatuletail. Photo: Alex Durand.

Special Offer. Enjoy 20% discount on all our scheduled and new Peru trips from now, through April and May until June 15.  Check the Tour Calendar for the examples of trips you can take. More trips will be added later this week so keep coming back to the calendar. For instance there is a 9 day trip to North Peru with Marvelous Spatuletail starting in March 27, a 17 day trip to Central Peru starting on April 6 and a 2 week trip combining culture, food and birds along the Southern Circuit with Nazca lines, Colca Canyon, Lake Titicaca and of course Machu Picchu starting on April 25. There are some additional confirmed North Peru trips lined up (but not yet in the calendar). A 6 day trip of the Abra Patricia area and Marvelous Spatuletail starts on May 9 and a longer trip from Tarapoto to Chiclayo over 10-14 days (details in the next couple of days) starting on May 13.

We are keen to run a Butterfly watching trip on June 5 in the vicinity of Satipo. Of course there will be birds as well.
Let us know if you want another tour in Peru. The offer of  20% discount stands until March 31.
Write Gunnar now at kolibriexp@gmail.com immediately for more info. 
Mar 15, 2013

Ringed Storm-Petrel. Photo: Gunnar EngblomPelagic birding in Peru 2013. We are constantly getting more and more request for Pelagic departures this upcoming season. The scheduled trips so far run April 5, June 22, July 11 and 19, September 11 and 23; and October 20. So what about May, August and December? No problem. Let us know when you want to go and we shall schedule your date. We need minimum 5 people to run a pelagic without surcharge. Even with 3-4 people the surcharge is still manageable. Check the Pelagic page for more info. Mar 14, 2013

Keen on seeing Banded Ground-Cuckoo? Want to see 15 species of Antpittas? We shall run again our successful 3 week Antpitta twitch tour to Northern Peru and Ecuador with preliminary start on Christmas Day Dec 25.  It is possible to join for a shorter period if you like. The trip is also very good for birders enjoying hummingbirds, since many of the lodges we visit have hummingbird feeders.  Read the blogpost on Birdingblogs about the Banded Ground-Cuckoo discovery in Ecaudor. (Nov 10, 2012).

Two fantastic trips coming up in SE Peru. Our classic short Manu road July 24-30 and Birding on Rio Piedras for a full week Aug 4-10 - now we the restored Tipishca Lodge featuring Humaita Antbird and Violaceous Quail-Dove.  (July 5, 2012)

On behalf of  Doug Mauro, I have put together a 10 day butterfly watching tour to Satipo area in Peru. We shall visit Rio Shima (lowlands) and Satipo road. The trip starts with a comfortable sleeper nightbus to Satipo on June 2.  Maybe you know someone who is keen to join? Two people booked so far.  (Dec 30, 2011).

Steve Huggins is doing a short Budget North Peru trip with start on April 11, 2012 featuring Marvelous Spatuletail, Peruvian Plantcutter, White-winged Guan, Ochre-fronted Antpitta, Marañon Crescentchest, Long-whiskered Owlet and many others.  Maybe you want to join him. You could do a pre-trip to Central Peru over Easter prior to North Peru. This trip has special price for young birders. (Dec 23, 2011)

Culture and Birds. Can you do both? Yes you can combine Machu Picchu with Marvellous Spatuletail. Kolibrioffers two itineraries in May, 2012. Both confirmed. Southern Circuit and North Peru culture and birds. Where they overlap they can be merged into a trip that starts on May 12 and runs to June 7.  Dec 16, 2011

Carl Billingham is doing 7 weeks of birding with us in Peru in between January and March. The Northern part likely have two more people signing up. The first part includes Tumbes forest and a pelagic from Los Organos on Jan 19. That should be exciting.  Galapagos Petrel virtually guaranteed. Dec 16, 2011.

Ber van Perlo is coming to Peru in April to do a 8 day trip to Carpish and Junin. The trip is open for more participants. Either do only Carpish or combine Carpish with Satipo road on a 17 day trip. It is now possible to visit Carpish without camping and on the longer trip there is only one night of camping. Dec 14, 2011.

Kolibri Expeditions Facebook page has gotten a face lift. Check us out on Facebook.com/KolibriExpeditions. (Posted Dec 14, 2011)

New confirmed tour uploaded. Marvelous Spatuletail Display Tour between January 14-22, 2012. This is a great tour if you are interested in Hummingbird photography. (Posted Sep 1, 2011.)

April 29, 2011. Are you going to the Neotropical Ornithological Congress in Cuzco? Looking for a short birding tour to Manu road? We organize two tours. One before NOC and one afterwards - each 7 days.  Let us know if you want a more extensive program or shorter excursions. Expert guides available.

April 27, 2011. Does your non-birding spouse want to go to Peru to see the archeological sites - and you want to see the birds? Take him/her on this trip. The perfect combination! Southern Circuit - birds and culture. Fixed 13 day departure August 13. Combine it with a 5 day Rainforest trip to the Amazon afterwards.

April 26, 2011.  Last minute Birding Peru offer! North Peru Budget 8 days  with start May 11 only $1240 per person. Young birders up to 25 years old pay only $695. Spread the word!

April 26, 2011.  Last minute Birding Peru offer!Carpish and Satipo road 8 days with start May 1 only $1000 per person. Young birders up to 25 years old pay only $695. Spread the word!

Dec 27, 2010. Special offer to join a short Satipo road birding workshop January 5-11. Only $980 for seven days and 1800 for two. Price for young birders $650 and for residents in Peru $350 and $600 for two. Spanish program here.

Dec 20, 2010.  SALE:  All our tours from January to June 2011 sell with 20% discount - if you book and pay deposit before January 7. What are you waiting for?

Sep 2. Special Offer - limited to Sep 5.. Don't miss these. You can make great savings on our remaining 2010 departures to Tambopata and to Satipo road/Carpish, as well as securing your 2011 trip for the list price of groups of 7 people, regardless of how many people ultimately sign up for the trip.

Aug 16, 2010.  Birding Peru for Christmas and New Year?  Rather than stress out all the Christmas shopping craze, why not take a birdwatching holiday to Peru. Here is an extended  tour to North Peru featuring Long-whiskered Owlet and Marvelous Spatuletail for 9 days. Join us!

Aug 15, 2010.  We have had some great pelagic trips recently and are very pleased with the service of a large open speed boat that gets us out to 30-35 nmiles in a flash. For larger groups we shall use the comfortable larger Catamaran. Upcoming pelagic tours that are confirmed on Sep 9 and 25, Oct 2, Nov 13 and 26. Hope you can join us.

July 13. 2010. Gunnar just donated $10 to the Satipo road project overcoming procrastination and adult ADD....why don't you as well.  Check Gunnar's Posterous blog here.

July 12, 2010.  The Peruvian winter is the best time for Lima pelagic with upcoming departures July  19 and 26,  August 9 and September 9 and 25. We hope to get 5 species of albatrosses, 5-6 species of Storm-Petrels, Peruvian Diving Petrel, Cape Petrel, Northern and Southern Giant Petrel, Chilean Skua and Southern Fulmar among the special birds on the these trips. Check our pelagic tour page.

July 12, 2010.  The Peruvian winter is the best time for Lima pelagic with upcoming departures in July and August. We hope to get 5 species of albatrosses, 5-6 species of Storm-Petrels, Peruvian Diving Petrel, Cape Petrel, Northern and Southern Giant Petrel, Chilean Skua and Southern Fulmar among the special birds on the these trips. Check our pelagic tour page.

March 16, 2010.  Easter week in Peru? We have 3 cars, 3 drivers and 5 guides ready to go BUT yet no confirmed bookings between March 29-April 4. Here is the deal. 20% discount on any Peru trip on Kolibriexpeditions.com - excluding the internal flights. Manu road is open again by the end of this week.

January 31, 2010. The Young birders Satipo road and Carpish trip ($699) is on and will start on the Feb 14 with comfortable night bus to Satipo. UPDATE: The tour is available for older birders at $120/day.

Dec 26, 2009. Kolibri Expeditions have just given away 21 birding tours in Peru during 2010. Six of these go to Bloggers that have been contacted for some time. Since there were not enough bloggers to take on the rest of the Manu/Amarakaeri community tours, we decided to be bold and see whether whether we could give away the trips to just any birder, that would compromise to spread the word about the community projjects we are involved in. The contest developed on Gunnar's blog where it was announced that we should give away tours and the results with the selected winners can be found here

Oct 18. Lima Excursions coming up this week culminates with a 10 day Carpish program. Cheap flights from Miami. On Thursday Oct 22 there is a Pucusana/Puerto Viejo excurson with Humboldt Penguin and Inca Tern. On Friday Oct 23 and also on Oct 24 Lomas de Lachay and Paraiso  featuring Cactus Canastero and possibly Peruvian Tern. On Sunday Oct 25 there is a deep sea pelagic with many highlight birds of the season such as Markham´s Storm-Petrel, RInged Storm-Petrel and Perivian Diving Petrel, as well as Cetaceans such Humpback and even the very rare Pygmy Blue Whale. On Oct 26 we start the 10 day day Carpish/Unchog program. Plenty of space on these trips.

Oct 18 Time to update the news section which has been stagnant since July. You can now subscribe to the news service - short notes on upcoming trips - with an RSS feed. The same feed is also sent to Kolibri Expeditions Facebook page on http://www.facebook.com/KolibriExpeditions

July 21 Who wants to go to Manu? Free space on upcoming 11 day trip with only 4 people  so far with start on Aug 9 from 2149$ including flights from Lima. Max 3 more spaces. Pelagic on Aug 8. Check out the 11 day program on the Manu Community owned lodges page.

April 22. Gunnar just published a blogpost: 10 best and cheapest ways to avoid chiggers. As from today, all our clients travelling to the Amazon, will get DEET spray and be supplied with rubber boots to size 10.

March 2. Cheap flights from Miami right now. Less than 400 US$. Check programs from March 14 to April 2 in calendar, which includes a Condor watching trip,  an easy Archeology and birding Tumbes-Chiclayo trip featuring pelagic and Chaparri,  a trip to Machu Picchu and Abra Malaga and finally a week at Amigos Research station.  

Feb 14. November North Peru trips are set and confirmed. There are vacancies. Four programs back to back include Tumbes reserve, mangroves, pelagic, White-winged Guan, Peruvian Plantcutter, Marvelous Spatuletail, Abra Patricia Owlet Lodge, Tarapoto, Leimebamba, trecking for Yellow-browed Toucanet, Grey-breasted Comet, etc. You don't have to do all. Check out the calendar for the dates and click the links for details.

Jan 14. WINTER SALE - continues to the end of the month!!!! All trips in Peru, except Lima trips, have 20% discount on the land part (not the flights) between Jan 2009 untill the end of May 2009, as long as the trip has been booked with a deposit prior to January 31. The only black out period is the Easter week (April 4-12, 2009).

Dec 15. Carpish Biodiversity workshop in Carpish Jan 10-20. Great for birds and orchids. Your participation is supporting the local community and training local guides. Cost only 1200 US$.

Dec 11. New Blog on this page. Check  http://www.kolibriexpeditions.com/birdingperu/blog Kolibri Expeditions takes action against stolen birding gear importing Vortex quality binoculars.

Oct 27. WINTER SALE!!!! All trips in Peru, except Lima trips, have 20% discount on the land part (not the flights) between November 2008 and May 2009, as long as the trip has been booked with a deposit prior to Dec 31. The only black out period is the Easter week (April 4-12, 2009).

Oct 21. All of a sudden there is a confirmed German speaking group to Oxapampa, Pozuzo, Villa Rica and Satipo road, ending with Machu Picchu and Abra Malaga and a pelagic. Some 500 species are possible on this 17 day trip starting on Nov 1 in Lima. Also the confirmed Gran Central Peru starting on Oct 25. You may join on Nov 7 for the second part if you like.

Oct 14. Note also that there is a new Colombia itinerary in plan for January a confirmed SE Brazil trip in the end of January and a Venezuela trip during most of February. The Colombia and Venezuela itineraries are being re-written at this point to give more time for endemics.

Oct 14. Finally uploaded new Guyana/Roraima/Surinam itinerary. With the aim to clean the region of the endemics and special birds including Red Siskin. Trip will run in the beginning of March. It is possible for the non hard core to take just the first week in Guyana and add an expedition for Harpy Eagle and Jaguar down one of the rivers with jungle adventurer Duane deFreitas or his son.

Sep 27. New North Peru itineraries featuring Tumbes pelagic and Yellow-browed Toucanet trek. Check it out in the calendar of Nov 23 and Dec 6.

Sep 26. Megapelagic. Nov 18-22. This shall be the most exciting seabirding for the entire year, both for birds and for cetaceans. See this link.

August 8. Posted new trip reports for Argentina and Chile on the trip report page from our big trip with Fabrice Schmitt as guide in 2006. There are also a few trips posted in the calendar for later this year. Check them out!

August 7. The Amigos program will be running back to back from October and with fixed price from 1 pax. This is a great chance for anyone wanting to try for a big day of a lifetime. We should come close to 300 in our first tries, and probably better and better as these programs evolve.

July 12. Machu Picchu and Manu for disabled. Finally a trip suitable for the poor walkers. OK, wheel-chair will still be a bit challanging but not impossible...still the trip is mainly designed for a good friend who has a disk-back problem, and needs a stroller to walk. We do have space for 3-4 more people on this trip (but not more!!). Next departure: August 31.

July 10. Check out our new budget Manu at Community Lodges. Kolibri Expeditions is proud to give support to the communities of the Amarakaeri Communal reserve by devloping birding at the their community lodges in the Manu basin. Great price! Next scheduled departure Aug 16 and Oct 22, but you can be certain there shall be more departures very soon.

June 19. New pelagic in the North on June 24!
We are looking to develop a pelagic trip in Northern Peru, to be combined with our Tumbes and Northern Peru program. On June 24 we shall do the first test from Punta Sal. Do you need Galapagos Petrel? There are still vacancies!

June 10. Check out our new Amigos program. Outstanding place in the Peruvian rainforest with a 7m Anaconda staked out and a sighting of Tapir on the trails. Good trails, electric light and even internet....(I am updating the web-page right now from Amigos Research Station). In only four days here we had 8 species of monkeys including Emperor Tamarins and Monk Saki monkeys.

April 20. Dates changed to May 31-June 5 for Pampas del Heath Expedition to celebrate our 10th Anniversary. For the Peru lister! Also scouting of Amigos Research Center June 6-11. Practically all SE Peru lowland specialties can be found here including Long-crested Pygmy-Tyrant, Black-faced Cotinga, Rufous-fronted Ant-thrush and Peruvian Recurvebill, as well as Emperor Tamarin. Join us!

April 19. Satipo road and Carpish goes to Mindo started today from Lima. We also invited four members from Carpish to come on this trip, together with 3 community leaders from Satipo road. Donations are still welcome! Check http://www.birdingperu.com/blogs/blog.asp?idblog=11 to see how it works.

March 30. Price set for Amigos and Heath. 1000 US per trip including two flights regardless of number of punters. Combined 1830 US$. Both trips now uploaded and confirmed in calendar.

March 21: Bug in booking function fixed. Now you can use Mozilla Firefox to make your reservation on line.
 Upcoming Trips 2014
If you don't find a suitable trip, please contact us at kolibriexp@gmail.com
 July 2014 
12 Pelagic Pelagic from Callao
17 Lima days: Lomas de Lachay and Paraiso Lagoon.
18 - 25 Carpish and Junin Lake 8 days. Get the Golden-backed Mountain-Tanager. Bus leaves to Huanuco in the evening of July 17
If you don't find a suitable trip, please contact us at kolibriexp@gmail.com
 August 2014 
1 - 3 Cusco to Puerto Maldonado Birding Overland First part of Cusco to Puerto Maldonado program with Alex Durand.
4 - 5 Puerto Maldonado-Cuzco or Puno. Second part of a five day tour to Puerto Maldonado from Cusco.
6 Pelagic Pelagic from Callao
11 Lima days: Lomas de Lachay and Paraiso Lagoon. Day tour to Lomas de Lachay. Perhaps we shall visit ventanilla instead of Paraiso.
23 - 24 Lima days: Santa Eulalia valley and Marcopomacocha
If you don't find a suitable trip, please contact us at kolibriexp@gmail.com
 September 2014 
6 - 14 Coastal California: Endemics and Pelagics 9 days Our new AWESOME Complete Southern California trip over two weekends with pelagics and endemics. Guide: Chris West.
8 - 25 Southern circuit - Classic Peru culture and natural history One additional day to sample Mistura Food Festival 2014. Cost for the extra day with hotel in Lima transport, guiding and entrance fee to Mistura (food tickets are additional) is $130 per person..
If you don't find a suitable trip, please contact us at kolibriexp@gmail.com
 October 2014 
17 Pelagic Pelagic from Callao. Now a larger and faster boat available for groups from 9 people or more.
If you don't find a suitable trip, please contact us at kolibriexp@gmail.com
 November 2014 
23 Pelagic Pelagic from Callao
If you don't find a suitable trip, please contact us at kolibriexp@gmail.com
 December 2014 
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