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Tiputini and Yuturi, East Ecuador


No Departures for this Tour

If the departure dates don't fit you, please suggest another date.

Tiputini has lately sallied as one of the absolute highlight in Ecuador, and even all of South America. Having a fantastic tower and a canopy walkway, as well as an extremely large and well planned trail trailsystem and maybe the densest population of army ant swarms in the Amazon you´re in for some of the best birding in your life. The Tiputini river is often low, why it is possible to find large mammals such as Jaguars and Tapirs on its shores, as well as Salvin´s Curassow in good numbers. Pink river dolphin is almost guaranteed on your way there.
Tiputini is combined with Yuturi Lodge to access river islands, good varzea forest and a canopy tower with a lek of Black-necked Red-Cotinga next to it.

This will be a workshop for bird-watchers and an introduction to Neotropical lowland birding.

Day 1. Flight to Coca and transfer to Tiputini research station. Numerous possibilities include Nocturnal and Salvin´s Curassows, Grey-winged Trumpeter, five macaws, Long-tailed and Rufous Potoos, Black-throated Brilliant, Pearly and Cocha Antshrikes and a host of other antbirds, furnariids, manakins and tanagers. Tiputini has some of the most remarkable virgin rainforest in South America. The river is fed from the same lowland, which means that if it does not rain for a couple of days the banks of the river will be completely exposed, which leads to exceptionally good possibilities of viewing seldomly seen mammals such as jaguar and tapir. There is an extremely good tree-tower with i.e Black-faced Hawk almost guaranteed and several other goodies such as Black-bellied Cuckoo and many more. Additionally there is a canopy walkway of some 200 meters.

Day 2-6. Tiputini. Five full days here to explore the extensive trail system. Tiputini is one of the best places in South America for army-antswarms, which has made various film crews select Tiputini for filming ants and the obligate followers such as White-plumed Antbird and Redish-winged Bare-Eye.

Day 7. Tiputini-Yuturi Lodge. We will spend three nights here. On the way we will check out some river islands for specialities such as Greater Wagtail-Tyrant, Lesser Hornero, Black-and-White Antbird, Castelnau´s Antshrike, Amazonian Umbrellabird and many others.

Day 8-9. Yuturi Lodge. Black-necked Red-Cotinga is our prime target today. We shall also check the extensive lagoons and river system for specialities like Agami Heron and Sungrebe, as well as Cocha Antshrike. At night we will search for Zig Zag Heron.

Day 10. Boat Yuturi-Coca. Flight to Quito.


Option: Lowland Ecuador Tiputini and Yuturi Lodge -- Days: 10
Price: US$ 1890
In cabins at Tiputini with private bath (Marvelous Spatuletail Tours).

In dorm style lodging 1490 dollars (Kolibri Expeditions).

The price includes: Air flights, airport transfers, boat trips, expert English speaking birdguide, all food, national park fee, bird list and other workshop material.
Does not include. Hotel in Quito, airport taxes, tips, etc


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