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Juan Fernandez


No Departures for this Tour

If the departure dates don't fit you, please suggest another date.

Juan Fernandez Islands has three endemic land birds, and a number of seabirds that are difficult to see elsewhere. Late September to February is a good time of year to visit, since the tourism season makes it easier to arrange transport to the islands. It also the best time to see the beautiful endemic hummingbird Juan Fernandez Firecrown. And it is peak season for lobster fishing, why you can expect lots of tasty dinners.

We will also arrange a boat trip to the seldom visited island of Alejandro Selkirk, where the endemic Masafuera Rayadito is found. It is vital to book early to for us to be able to reserve a boat and coordinate with the park people.

We will stay in a guesthouse on Robinoson Crusoe Island and camp on Alejandro Selkirk.

Day 1. In midmorning you will board the small plane for a two hour flight to Robinson Crusoe Island. Near the airport is the dock where you will look for Defilippe´s Petrel that just finished breeding on nearby Santa Clara island and White-bellied Storm-Petrel that is a night-breeder on the same island. On the 40 minute boatride to the north side of the island you will look for more seabirds, which may include Kermedec Petrel. The North coast also hold large numbers of Juan Fernandez Fur Seal. In the village we will stay at a guesthouse where Juan Fernandez Firecrown regularily comes to the garden.

Day 2. We will make a walk to the Alejandro Selkirk look out where one usually sees Juan Fernandez Tit-Tyrant and the endemic race of American Kestrel. In the late afternoon we will set off by boat to Alejandro Selkirk Island.

Day 3-4. Boat visit to Alejandro Selkirk Island. First day hike to the habitat of Masafuera Rayadito (c.600m) and overnight in camp here, second day continued hiking to the crater top where Stejneger´s and Juan Fernandez Petrel breed. This will be a tough hike. Those that prefer seawatching may pick additional goodies from shore such as Pinkfooted Sheerwater. Alejandro Selkirk is also home for the recently to species elevated Juan Fernandez Hawk and the endemic subspecies of Gray-flanked Cinclodes (which may also well be a near future split).

Day 5. Contingency day.

Day 6. Arrival to Robinson Crusoe Island where we will board our small plane back to Santiago.


Option: Juan Fernandez Archipelago -- Days: 6
Price: US$ 1350
Group size: Minimum four and maximum seven participants

Price includes airfare, ferries, hotel, camping, food, bird guide.
Does not include drinks at hotel, airport taxes and tips.


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