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Sira Tanager and Horned Curassow


Kolibri Expedition spent a week in the Sira area in 2006 to search for wintering Cerulean Warblers. At the same time we managed to set up very good infrastructure for future visits. We returned  in 2007 for another week. Kolibri Expeditions is the first company to offer trips to  the endemic Sira Tanager and Horned Curassow. In 2008 an expedition to the southern part of the Sira range found a Barbet similar to the Scarlet-banded Barbet in Cordillera Azul to the north (Cushabatay).  We are confident this new Barbet is also in this area if we can reach the highest part.
The communities are much interested in setting up eco-tourism. The area is fantastic and should not be missed. Where else in the world can you walk through virgin rain-forest without a chance of finding a Coca-Cola commercial for over a week. Though you will probably join this trip becuase of the rare birds one can see, the future as an eco-tourism product lies withing the possibilty of doing eco-trekking. Once again birdwatchers will be the cutting edge of eco-tourism. Your presence here will make it possible for non-birders (and more volume) to find this secluded area. Almost all the the foothills are protected by the surrounding indigenous communities. There is pressure for cattle raising on the lowland areas - but nevertheless there is still a lot of forest in very good condition. In fact much of it is for sale - quite inexpensively - if you would ever feel like buying a piece of the amazon rain forest to conserve.

We offer two trips. The long one is a full circuit of Sira Mts climbing to the highest peaks around 2000 meters with a serious attempt to also localize the secretive Horned Curassow - the Peruvian subspecies worthy species recognition and the newly discovered Barbet.

The second is a shorter tour concentrating on Sira Tanager. Other specialities may also be encountered, but you should not count on finding all those mentioned below.

The whole area is extremely rich in birds including many localized lowland and foothill birds such as Blue-headed Macaw, Curl-crested Aracari, Sulphury Flycatcher, Black-capped and White-bellied Parrots, Wing-banded Wren, Crested and Band-bellied Owls, Solitary Eagle, Koepcke's Hermit, Black-streaked Puffbird, Creamy-bellied Antwren, Peruvian Tyrannulet, Cerulean-capped and Jet Manakins, Fiery-throated and Scarlet-breasted Fruiteater, Olivaceous Piha and Rufous-brown Solitaire. We will use porters to transport our gear and thus being able to bird as we walk. The hike is not overly streneous - but you need to be in reasonable good shape becuase it is hot and we will walk every day. 

No Departures for this Tour

If the departure dates don't fit you, please suggest another date.

Day 1. Start in Pucallpa mid morning when flights from Lima arrive. It is a five hour drive to Puerto Inca - our vantage point for Sira Mts. A late lunch will be served while the tractor is being loaded. We will drive around 2-3 km to get into decent habitat and walk and bird the remaining 5 km to the base of the Sira mts. Birding is surprisingly good at the remaining forest patches along the tractor track.

Day 2-6. Trekking in the Sira Mountains

Day 7. We will make our way back to Pucallpa from where you can fly to Lima. Or continue to Cushabatay for the Scarlet-banded Barbet.

The long tour is 10 days which effectively gives you 3 more full days in the mountains. We recommend the latter since it will give more chance to see all the the specialities of Sira and increase the chance of finding the Curassow as well as the newly discovered Barbet.


Option: Flight Pucallpa -Lima
Price: US$ 120

Option: Bus Pucallpa- Lima
Price: US$ 30


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