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Self-guided birding in Peru


Independent birding

We offer self-guided birding with a driver whenever one of our two vans are available and no tours are likely to book prior to the available time. This is a great opportunity for indeendent birders, who want to have the safety of a good driver and a private vehicle and still get to the best birdng sites.  The price is $60 per person and day

What do you get?

  • Vehicle. A large H1 Hyundai Van with 6 back seats and two passenger seats in front. Technically, you could be 8 people but 5-6 would make if more comfortable for you with more space for camera gear and tripods. The van has two sliding doors so passengers can get out quickly. 
  • Professional driver who is experienced with birders. At present this is Manuel Zamora- our star driver and excellent chef who know practically all the birding sites of Peru. We also work with other drivers all over Peru, in case our vehicle and driver are busy. 
  • Equipment such as tents, mats, blankets, sheets and pillow if you want to camo,
  • Full kitchen set  and stove to prepare breakfast and lunches in the field. 
  • Cooler
  • Tabele, chairs and suncover.
  • 12V-110V converter in the car for charging gadgets. 
  • Driver will be engaged in buying and preparing food in the field if you give him the money to do the shopping. 

What do you have to pay?

  • Gas and tolls. It should not be more than around $20/person in average if you are 3 people and much less with more people in the car.
  • expensies of driver - hotels and food.  Could come around to about $30 per day split between the participants in the vehicle. 
  • Your own food. Buy food tio prepare in the field is inexpensive, Take advantage of cheap prepared meals aka "menú" at road side restaurants. They are fast, cheap and filling.Very little birding time is lost. At night Chifas (Peruvian-Chinese fusion) are delicious, fast, cheap and plentiful. Pizzerias are more costly but make a ncie change to ¨all the rice¨ sometimes. 
  • hotels. inexpensive hotel that give the essential to the birder a clean bed and a warm shower often cost $20 or less for a double. 
  • Entrance and community fees

All in all the cost per person comes to around $100-110 per person and day. In areas where lodges are used this obviously comes out more expensive. 

Charter the van for your independent tour

Rent the full van with our driver for $280/day. Additionally you pay gas which is cheap in Peru and drivers expenses at $30/day directly to the driver.  We help you plan the tour and provide birdnig site info and checklists. 

No Departures for this Tour

If the departure dates don't fit you, please suggest another date.

Where to bird independently.

Birding by road in Peru can be described as four general areas, North, Central, South and South-East. Best value for independent birders is Central Peru where no flights are needed to get there and the lodiging is generally good and inexpensive. North Peru is more of challange to keep on a low budget but not impossible. There are constantly new places added to bird and more places to stay. 

The Southern Circuit can be don at all different price ranges and is great for those who want to do a road trip seeing both birds and cultural sites. The South East can be quite expensive especially along the Manu road where you are pretty much have to use the lodges. However, some of the lodges have research capacity and special prices for more basic lodging or even camping could be asked for by budget birders.

Here are some sample itineraries. 

The rough itineraries for each week will be determined by the person who first book the service.  Of course some tweaking can be done while en route. Independent birding does allow for flexibility. 

Option: Self-guided birding in Peru -- Days: 8
Price: US$ 480

Includes: vehicle, professional driver with gen for the birding localities, table, cooler, camping equipment, stove, utensils, mats and blankets. Price per person for 8 days of birding. 

Additional costs: Gas, tolls, entrance fees, food and lodging for the driver and hotels


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