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Guyana with Roraima hike and Suriname extension


No Departures for this Tour

If the departure dates don't fit you, please suggest another date.

Guayana, Venezuelan Roraima area and Suriname (25 days).

This is the complete Guyana trip all categories and the full trip should be taken for people that has lots of South America experiences and want to fill holes in their South America list, but it can also be suited as a first visit to South America combining the first week with a more standard adventure trip down river searching for Jaguar and Harpy Eagle. (PRICE TBA)
Day 1 flight to Guyana and night in Georgetown.
Day 2. In the early morning we shall search for the endemic Blood-colored Woodpecker at the Botanical Gardens in Georgetown. In midmorning we board our chartered flight to the famous Kaieteur Falls. They are truly impressive. Here there is also a good place to Guianan Cock-of-the-Rock.  Around the falls there are White-chinned and White-tipped Swifts and occasionally a Orange-breasted Falcon can be seen. After 3 hours at the falls we shall fly to Fairview landing and transfer to Iwokrama. Already in the afternoon we shall visit the trails for the Calfbird lek. In the late afternoon early evening we shall do a game drive to look for Jaguar on the road to Atta research center.  Night in Iwocarama 

Day 3. Iwokrama (AM) Turtle mountain, trails and dusk and night drive to Atta Canopy Walkway (PM)
Day 4. Atta Canopy walkway area all day. Game driving. Checking pools for Crimson Topaz and the emerging trees for Crimson Fruitcrow.
Day 5. Atta Canopy walkway area and drive to Sorama. Olive-green Tyrannulet is possible here.
Day 6. We shall be checking out the nest for Harpy Eagle which has been staked out near here. NIght at Sorama.
Day 7. Sorama-Lethem-Duane's Ranch. Long drive.
Day 8. Full day Red Siskin excursion. Back to Lethem (maybe on to Boa Vista if convenient).
Day 9. Rio Branco Antbird and Hoary-throated Spinetail AM and on to Brazil and Venezuela and stay at convenient lodge outside Santa Elena.

Day 10: Two hours 4WD drive to Pemon village of Paratepui and hike starts. It is a 5 hour hike mostly over open Savanna this day and two creeks that need to be forded.
Day 11: The second day's hike is only about four hours. While not particularly steep, it is almost continuously uphill, from the Río Kukenán camp at about 1100 m to the "Base Camp" about 1900 m. This is the best birding area and the trail up towards the plateau.

Day 12:  Birding base camp and the trail above.

Day 13. Hike up to the top. Look out for Roraiman Band-winged Nighthjar and night.
Day 14.  Some excursion in AM and hike back to basecamp.
Day 15. Birding AM the slopes of Roraima and then continue to Rio Tek camp. Day 7. From Río Tek camp Paraitepui is just three or four hours of hiking. Paraitepui is home to the porters and this is where they should be paid. Visitors' knapsacks may be inspected here to make sure no unauthorized souvenirs have been carried down from Roraima. Transport back to Santa Elena and Boa Vista.
Day 16. Flight to Georgetown and on to Suriname.
Day 17.  we would have to leave P'boat 4:00 to be at 7 in Brownsberg,
Day 18. full day at Brownsberg.
Day 19. Leave Brownsberg at around 10:00, arriving at Coeswijne 16:00 hrs
Day 20. Full day at  Coewewijn
Day 21. Morning Coewewijne.  leave at Coesewijne around 9 AM, Raleigh Falls. Foengoe island before sunset.
Day 22. Walk to the Voltsberg reseach station. The trail is the best place to find the Boat billed Tody Tyrant, and a chance for the Band-tailed Antshrike. We will overnight in hammocks
Day 23. Most of morning looking for Band-tailed Antshrike around the Voltzsberg. In the afternoon we would return to Foengoe island.

Day 24. Back to Paramaribo, searching for Guianan Piculet rest of day. Afternoon flight to Georgetown and on to Guyana and flight to Miami at night.


Price: US$ 8500
Price TBA, but calculate on around $8500 due to 25 days, many internal flights and expensive land transport and hotels


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