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Bird photography at Chuncho Macaw Lick and birding at Chuncho Lodge. 3 days.


We have been researching which is the best Macaw-licks in SE. Chuncho in the Tambopata region in SE Peru is certainly the easiest to get to and one of the most impressive containing all three of the large macaws. We also recommend Heath River Lodge where one does get even closer to the macaws. Either of these options are recommended to bird photographers with little time.  It should be noted that during the rainy season (Nov-Mar) there is less activity at the licks, and often completely lack activity, but on days with lots on sun and clear skies (you can still get such days in the rainy season) again there will be activity. So a contingency day may be warranted.  The best time of year for the macawlick are the relatively dry months of June-August, although during this time of year the rainforest sometimes get cold spells with cold air from Patagonia hitting the southern Amazonia and thus lowers the temperature and consequently all bird activity. Our two night program here is a bare minimum to photograph th macaws and in most cases sufficient time, but please beware of the risk of variations of the weather that can affect the birdwatching and the bird photography. 


If the departure dates don't fit you, please suggest another date.

Day 1.- Reception at the airport and a 2 hours car trip to the Tambopata river ( 48 km. pave road and 18 km. dirt road) them 10 minutes to CHUNCHO LODGE where a late lunch awaits us.  

In the afternoon we shall make a walk to be in the forest to spot an array of Amazonian birds, such as trogons, nunbirds, woodpeckers, tanagers, antbirds etc  After dinner it is possible to do a night walk to try to spot owls and critters of the night.

Sleep at CHUNCHO LODGE. (L, D).

Day 2.- Early wake up at 4:30 am to take a light breakfast (coffee or te), to begin with our 1:30-minute boat journey upstream river to the Macaw Clay Lick “El Chuncho” in the Bahuaja-Sonene National Park. We will have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful natural sceneries of the jungle sunrise and early morning wildlife such as capybaras (we always see them), tapir, maybe jaguar (20% chance) on the riverbanks.
At our arrival, we will observe one of the greatest wildlife shows where hundreds of parrots and different species of macaws gather to eat clay, firstly the parrot such as the Blue-headed, Orange-cheeked Mealy and Yellow-crowned Parrots, White-eyed and Dusky-headed Parakeet, Chestnut-fronted and Red-bellied Macaws and the big macaws, Blue-and-Yellow, Scarlet and Red-and-Green Macaws. The distance to the macawlick is approximately 50m so bring your long lenses and a tripod if you have it an unforgettable experience at this place. After the show is over we will return back to the lodge, one more chance to see wild life such as birds, turtles, monkeys and caimans on the beach of the river, late breakfast at the lodge then take a rest to relax or enjoy the facilities and the surroundings of CHUNCHO LODGE.

The rest of the day we shall work the trails near the lodge. There is good bamboo nearby that hosts a number of special species including Peruvian Recurvebill and Rufous-headed Woodpecker  

Night at CHUNCHO LODGE. (B, L, D).

Day 3.

In case it is raining on day Day 2, the excursion to the macawlick would be postponed to this morning.  The macaws do no show up to the lick if it is raining. For people leaving for Amigos or an early midday flight to Cusco there would not be enough time for a visit at the macaw lick this day, as one would have to leave the lodge around 8-9 AM to catch flight/boat.  

It is possible to add a day to include a night at Sandoval Lake with a great chance to spot a Giant Otter. Also good bamboo here for the special birds tied to this habitat.

Option: Chuncho Lodge -- Days: 3
Price: US$ 750

Includes one visit to the Macaw lick (an additional entry costs $95/per person including boat trip and reserve entrance fee.). Specialized private bird guide with playback equipment and telescope. All food and lodging. Bottled drinks are not included. Price is fixed from 2 people in double occupancy. Single supplement (if available - there are only 12 rooms) is $100


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