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Many birders also watch mammals, but few tours are centered around mammal watching in South America.  We can customize trips to increase the chances of seeing Peruvian primates, Andean Bear, Tapir, Giant Otter and Jaguar. Let us know your preferences for a mammal watching tour.  Kolibriexp@gmail.com 


No other road in the whole world covers so many different altitudinal eco-systems such as Manu road. The road pass highland lakes, Puna Grassland, deep dry scrubby gorges, semi-deciduous forest, Polylepis forest, temperate, subtropical and upper tropical cloud forest to eventually reach savanna and lowland amazon rain forest with all its riches. It is the most diverse place on earth. Over 1000 species of birds have been recorded along the road and the lowlands in the Manu National Park. Apart from gaudy birds such as Cock of the Rock found at a lek right by the road, trogons, toucans and tanagers, there are many lodges with Hummingbird feeders and a wide array of endemic birds. Trips range from 5 days on Manu road to combinations over 18 days that also include the lowlands and the macaw lick at Cocha Blanco in the ecotourism buffer zone of Manu National Park. Manu road should best not be attempted in the rainy season mid-December to mid April, as it is prone to landslides.

Manu mammals and birds - the Jaguar Safari.

A new trip that takes you into Manu National Park, where you have your best chances of spotting mammals.


Kolibri Expeditions is venturing outside of the Americas. Our first trip is to Japan in the winter, to offer a relatively inexpensive (Japan is not cheap) short trip over 7 days including Hokkaido with Steller’s Eagle, Blakiston’s Fish-Owl and Japanese Crane, Tokyo and the winter hot spring bathing macaws. Part of the idea of the inexpensive winter Japan trip is to keep the length short and to immerse with the Japanese Culture and staying at small Japanese guesthouses and hostels, which are less expensive than the hotels. Other plans for World birding on our agenda is a trip to Madagascar complete clean up and a three week safari in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Gunnar also has lots of experience in the Mediterranean area for birding and plant watching which we plan to include in our future programs.

Jaguar Safari and Birding in Pantanal

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